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Get in touch with your light hearted side!

  • Relax

  • Have fun

  • Enjoy sharing insights in small groups

Recent research suggests that relaxation, emotional flexibility and empathic open mindedness are helpful ways of balancing the brain and staying healthy.

  • A group project in Bristol, 2010Do you want to lighten up and feel more positive about life?
  • Do you want to have fun making changes in your life that you have always wanted?
  • Is your group in need of a creative brainstorm about its creative ideas?
  • Do you want support with play and learning support for your children?

Adapting to change can be deeply rewarding, and only involves three takes:

  • take a step back to reflect and review
  • take a renewed vision of where you want to do
  • take a willingness to be open to opportunity

Visioning through the Seasons

As in the wisdom traditions of old, the cycle of the seasons gives a perfect eight stage process for making you dreams come true in your life. The winter is where we incubate our seed vision for our heart’s desire; spring is when we pour our attention onto the sprouting seed; Easter is when we affirm our gifts and talents in the face of obstacles (usually the Inner Critic); May is the time to get support and form a ‘dream team’ of friends who share our dream themes; summer is when we protect and make boundaries for our plan of action and support; autumn is when we start acting out our vision and getting immersed in creative reverie; winter is a time of reflection and celebration, acknowledging the new insight and seed vision for the coming year.

Now is the time to find a way of living from our hearts, using Creative Journal and Expressive Arts such as collage, rhythm, mandala and sound to empower our deeper values. Watch this space for dates.

test video


Working with Creative Journal Expressive Arts (r)

Being able to picture your vision in action in the future is a key to being able to bring it about.  This workshop gives you tools for dreaming on paper with writing, drawing or graphics, and having a dialogue with
your images to find out what they symbolise in your life.   Your commitment to your future dream-in-action relies on engaging both the left and right hemisphere, so that your words are illustrated with pictures.
These come from magazines or your own drawing.  The workshop brings a creative reverie into mind and acts on your subconscious to prepare you for a playful start to any project:  think and picture yourself 
into the future playfully and with confident anticipation!


Child Directed learning

Empty Head

Playful Pictures’ – a new flip-book and pdf to introduce CHILD DIRECTED LEARNING links and examples, images and quotes, activities and curious facts.

You can now download links, pdfs and videos of what child directed learning can involve on my CPD page. The outcomes for ‘high visual’ learners who flourish with drawing, drama, IT and music, but who find classrooms to boring, noisy and distracting. Case Histories and examples show what can be done.

SKILLS OF STORY – a great way to educate children

With puppets, character building, story games and imaginative flexibility, parents are learning how to be COMPLEMENTARY EDUCATORS.  Children love all things visual, the skills of talking and writing are difficult, so put the two together….. you have success, and a child with natural joy of learning.
We will use both handed Creative Journal and rhythm to explore the process of playful story and reflective listening.

PLAYFUL LEARNING – Monday 16th October,  7-9pm at The Rose and Crown Clinic, 6 South Street, South Molton EX36 4AA.

Newsletter 2013

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