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Get in touch with your light hearted side!

  • Relax

  • Have fun

  • Enjoy sharing insights in small groups

Recent research suggests that relaxation, emotional flexibility and empathic open mindedness are helpful ways of balancing the brain and staying healthy.

  • A group project in Bristol, 2010Do you want to lighten up and feel more positive about life?
  • Do you want to have fun making changes in your life that you have always wanted?
  • Is your group in need of a creative brainstorm about its creative ideas?
  • Do you want support with play and learning support for your children?

Adapting to change can be deeply rewarding, and only involves three takes:

  • take a step back to reflect and review
  • take a renewed vision of where you want to do
  • take a willingness to be open to opportunity

Child Directed learning

Empty Head

Playful Pictures’ – a new flip-book and pdf to introduce CHILD DIRECTED LEARNING links and examples, images and quotes, activities and curious facts.

You can now download links, pdfs and videos of what child directed learning can involve on my CPD page. The outcomes for ‘high visual’ learners who flourish with drawing, drama, IT and music, but who find classrooms to boring, noisy and distracting. Case Histories and examples show what can be done.



Creating a Path of Inner Wisdom

Through the Seasons

Here are some examples of  mini-collage cards symbolisng the cycle of creativity:  This is a playful way of exploring your heartfelt wishes and dreams for the future, and making them come alive. Based on Lucia Capacchioine’s book ‘Visioning: Ten Steps to Living the Life of your Dream’, each activity can be an emotional and spiritual transformation so that you begin living what you want for the future.

CY Game collages (3)

 VENUE: The Rose and Crown, 6 South St, South Molton, EX36 4AA.

Eight one day workshops celebrates the Celtic season

and focuses on the cycle of creativity from vision to practice.

Using mandala meditation, sound, Creative Journal and collage

we practice the path of a modern Visionary by tapping into our inner wisdom .


December 15: Rebirth of Vision

February 2: Imbolc – Commitment to Vision

March 23: Equinox – Focus of Desire

May 4: Beltain – Support for Vision

June 22: Solstice – Planning for Action

August 3: Lamas – Refine the Plan

September 21: Equinox – Creative Action

November 2:  Samhain – Gratitude

Contact Charlotte on creativeliteracy@gmail.com for more details.

Whats New November 2014

A group of Creative Journalists have come together to look at how children can be supported through Playful Learning. Workshops involve a range of expressive arts integrated with journal, reflective listening and feedback. This is an exciting, light hearted way of learning more about yourself, and your Playful Child. We need to love this child in order to truly listen and observe children’s individual ways of learning.

New Dates for Introductory Workshops 7-9pm at The Rose and Crown, 6 South St, South Molton, EX36 4AA: January 5th, 19; February 2, 16; March 2, 16, 30

NEW – a Photobook entitled Playful Pictures of children’s and adults artwork demonstrates why playful learning tells us more than just words.  We all need to play, it is a survival mechanism that helps us to adjust to change and respond to our organic needs for rest and recharging. This shows the various writers and teachers who have pioneered ways of using play and expressive arts in order to learn, and for emotioinal personal development.  Receive a pdf on request to creativeliteracy@gmail.com.

Here is a story written by an 8yr old boy who has high visual thinking skills – the talking in the classroom tends to go over his head, but he was busy writing his own little books. ‘Where’s Pecan’ and ‘ Easter Story’ imitate children’s storybook layout and style. Sam was determined to be an author, despite the teacher telling him it was not what was required!

Where’s Pecan

CP Easter Story 1

SKILLS OF STORY – a great way to educate children

With puppets, character building, story games and imaginative flexibility, parents are learning how to be COMPLEMENTARY EDUCATORS.  Children love all things visual, the skills of talking and writing are difficult, so put the two together….. you have success, and a child with natural joy of learning.

Next Monday  7-9pm at The Living Tree Centre, 4-5 Paiges Lane, Barnstaple: www.livingtreecentre.com.

Newsletter and new blog

Here are some seed ideas for poetry in the landscape:  Newsletter 2013

Also see my blog on Creating Sacred Space:  http://charlotte-cottage.blogspot.com. 

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