Forthcoming Events 2015


Events with the Gatekeeper Trust

 August 22nd – COSDEN HILL

Bardic Walk to Cossden HILL, past  Belstone Tor and the Nine Maidens Circle – this marks a symbolic position in the Dartmoor landscape, which is currently being researched as a traditional terrestrial zodiac.  Through all symbolic landscapes are pilgrimage routes, and Belstone  on the Michael and Mary Line and Cawsden Beacon near White Hill may be the start of a route mirroring the Milky Way in the heavens.  Ancient pilgrimage routes can be identified relating to the star patterns, so we tread in the footsteps of ancestors. This hill has a twin backed kystavaen, a burial site that is called ‘his and hers’, thus in the scheme of the terrestrial zodiac it comes in the sign of Gemini, or the qualities of being tactful, enthusiastic, diplomatic, versatile, witty, possessing a sharp intellect and they thrive on communication.  It is literally the ability to connect the dots, or balance the duality of thought and feeling, masculine and feminine, conscious and unconscious, spirit and matter.

We contemplate our own inner teacher and visionary and create symbols in nature to honour the ancestorial meanings of the site.

Meet at the lower carpark in Belstone Village at 10am

 October 24th – SHEEPSTOR

Sheepstor or Shittestorre was named after an unknown archer, as the root word means ‘bolt, dart, arrow or shooter, archer’, and in the scheme of our draft ‘terrestrial zodiac’ on Dartmoor comes at the position of Sagittarius for obvious reasons.  Plympton is also in this section of the moor, and its main saint dedication in its church is St Maurice who is associated with ‘The Spear of Destiny’ ( or perhaps the qualities of freedom, travel and education. Governed by Jupiter it is a sign of the spiritual teacher, expansive and magnanimous of heart at the same time as being focused on high vision.

We will contemplate these qualities without our own lives and create mandala and poetry from our experience of the tor with its surrounding beautiful scenery.

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at The Rose and Crown,

6 South St, South Molton Ex36 4AA


These are playful, focused sessions designed to give you time to listen to your true feelings through visioning and expressive arts: perfect for de-stressing, and taking time out to look at key life issues in peace and quiet.

Soul Mini-Collage cardsusing Creative Journal to tap into the Inner Guide and arrive at Intuitive answers to current life issues.

Dream Guide – drawing on the creative power of dreams to build bridges with your true self, and find its message through Creative Journal Expressive Arts.

Creating a Picture of Healthcontacting the ‘somatic body’ and allowing it to ‘speak’ through expressive arts images, collage, sandplay, drawing, etc.

Learning Support for Children (supporting all those who work with children with additional Reflective Listening and Expressive Arts skills)

Cancer Survivors’ Journal (ways of relaxing and supporting your inner healing chemistry and recuperative resources)

Connecting with Your Inner Storyteller (becoming a source of fun and laughter in social occasions)

Parent and Child (learning how to enjoy being with children and your own Inner Child)

Connecting with your Inner Talent (tapping into the things you always dreamed of doing and bringing the into your daily life)

Games of Initiation – Coaching and Creative Journal activities using the Cycles of Nature to develop your Magical Self and Inner Guide, and the spiritual card games of Inner Links ( the Lorian Association ( , Findhorn Foundation ( and  ‘Selves in a Box’ cards by Tamar Stone, from the book ‘Embracing Our Selves’ by Hal and Sidra Stone ((

COST: £15/2-hr session

To see a video of a Visioning(R) workshop CLICK HERE:


The many manifestations of vision:

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Charlotte Yonge PhD

Saturday Workshops 2015

At the Rose and Crown Clinic

6 South Street, South Molton EX36 4AA


September 26th 10-3pm

This workshop uses the metaphors of nature to tune to the inner creative cycles of the soul and its purpose for our lives. The alchemy of the heart is the most powerful force for harmony and beauty, and learning to draw on this deep compassion and love of life brings unusual insights. The playful expressive arts games draw on our inner Guide for inspiration in our lives.

In the workshop we play a visionary game through Creative Journal, Collage and Mandala, discovering how to make our dreams come true. This way we learn to listen to the Inner Voice, to become an oracle for our own lives.


Saturday 7th November 10-3pm

A workshop in which all participants create their planetary vision in collage, and play the  Findhorn Game of Transformation to bring daily challenges and gifts into focus.

The day ends with a mandala meditation to send blessing for planetary-human transformation.

COST:  £30/person per day (concessions available)

For more information contact Charlotte on:;