Games of Visioning and Transformation





The Seasonal Cycle of Creativity’


Charlotte Yonge PhD

Saturday Workshops 2015

At the Rose and Crown Clinic

6 South Street, South Molton EX36 4AA


September 26th 10-3pm

This workshop uses the metaphors of nature to tune to the inner creative cycles of the soul and its purpose for our lives. The alchemy of the heart is the most powerful force for harmony and beauty, and learning to draw on this deep compassion and love of life brings unusual insights. The playful expressive arts games draw on our inner Guide for inspiration in our lives.

In the workshop we play a visionary game through Creative Journal, Collage and Mandala, discovering how to make our dreams come true. This way we learn to listen to the Inner Voice, to become an oracle for our own lives.


Saturday 7th November 10-3pm

A workshop in which all participants create their planetary vision in collage, and play the  Findhorn Game of Transformation to bring daily challenges and gifts into focus. In these days of upheaval, an opportunity opens for us to re-vision our relationship with the planet and Humanity,  the ecosystems of which we are a part, the potentially controllable systems of sustainable energy usage and humanitarian lifestyles. How we do this in our individual lives will determine our effectiveness collectively, and together we can co-create beauty and harmony for our world.

The day ends with a mandala meditation to empower our vision for the future.

COST:  £30/person per day (concessions available)

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IMG_1941April7 011Mandala and Collage in Denmark

Taking many forms, the mandala symbolises our thoughts and heart-felt wishes and summarises our creative expressive work together.

These pictures remain with us to remind and evoke the experiences of group intuition and energy, which underpin our individual commitment and intent to bring creative change into our world.