Creating a Path of Inner Wisdom

Through the Seasons

Here are some examples of  mini-collage cards symbolisng the cycle of creativity:  This is a playful way of exploring your heartfelt wishes and dreams for the future, and making them come alive. Based on Lucia Capacchioine’s book ‘Visioning: Ten Steps to Living the Life of your Dream’, each activity can be an emotional and spiritual transformation so that you begin living what you want for the future.

CY Game collages (3)

 VENUE: The Rose and Crown, 6 South St, South Molton, EX36 4AA.

Eight one day workshops celebrates the Celtic season

and focuses on the cycle of creativity from vision to practice.

Using mandala meditation, sound, Creative Journal and collage

we practice the path of a modern Visionary by tapping into our inner wisdom .


December 15: Rebirth of Vision

February 2: Imbolc – Commitment to Vision

March 23: Equinox – Focus of Desire

May 4: Beltain – Support for Vision

June 22: Solstice – Planning for Action

August 3: Lamas – Refine the Plan

September 21: Equinox – Creative Action

November 2:  Samhain – Gratitude

Contact Charlotte on for more details.

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