Whats New November 2014

A group of Creative Journalists have come together to look at how children can be supported through Playful Learning. Workshops involve a range of expressive arts integrated with journal, reflective listening and feedback. This is an exciting, light hearted way of learning more about yourself, and your Playful Child. We need to love this child in order to truly listen and observe children’s individual ways of learning.

New Dates for Introductory Workshops 7-9pm at The Rose and Crown, 6 South St, South Molton, EX36 4AA: January 5th, 19; February 2, 16; March 2, 16, 30

NEW – a Photobook entitled Playful Pictures of children’s and adults artwork demonstrates why playful learning tells us more than just words.  We all need to play, it is a survival mechanism that helps us to adjust to change and respond to our organic needs for rest and recharging. This shows the various writers and teachers who have pioneered ways of using play and expressive arts in order to learn, and for emotioinal personal development.  Receive a pdf on request to creativeliteracy@gmail.com.

Here is a story written by an 8yr old boy who has high visual thinking skills – the talking in the classroom tends to go over his head, but he was busy writing his own little books. ‘Where’s Pecan’ and ‘ Easter Story’ imitate children’s storybook layout and style. Sam was determined to be an author, despite the teacher telling him it was not what was required!

Where’s Pecan

CP Easter Story 1

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